Thursday, April 19, 2012

WIAW: Fancy v. Functional {On a Thursday}

I had a somewhat fancy Wednesday. My typical weekday food is plain. For example, if my diet plan that day means I need to eat 6 egg whites that AM, I will probably eat them with just a little of thyme & pepper. Sort of gross to most people. SO this Wednesday I made an effort to fancy it up a bit. For breakfast, I made some awesome egg salad the night before:

Here's what it looked like made into an open face 'wich:

Why, yes, those are peas...And for lunch I had a sweet potato stuffed with zucchini, onion, barley, and balsamic chicken (barley seasoned with thyme, lemon juice, oregano, and chili flakes)...

BTW for my snack in the AM I had my usual 20 almonds, and in the PM a protein muffin (leftover from in the freezer!)

I worked late, hit the gym for an hour of cardio, and came home famished around 8:30, despite the fact that I'd eaten a Pure Protein bar at 5. I pulled out this smorgasbord...

I snacked on a couple carrots and strawberries while I prepared some salmon (yogurt was dessert). I topped the salmon with S&P, Italian seasoning, and a lemon slice.

I loosely placed a piece of plastic wrap over it, set the microwave to 70%, and it was done in 3 minutes! {So much for being fancy.} Functional usually wins for me, I guess.

Good night! xo

Shaved Asparagus and Pea Breakfast Egg Salad
2 chopped boiled eggs
1 chopped boiled egg white
1/4 frozen peas
2 asparagus spears
1/4 c finely diced onion
1 T mustard
1 t smart balance mayo

1) Shave asparagus with a vegetable peeler.
2) Stir together all ingredients with a fork. Really smash the yokes with the fork to make it creamier.
3) Chill for a bit if you like :)

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  1. I tried to microwave Salmon a few weeks ago and it turned out so disgusting. Lowering the power makes total sense nowthatyoumentionit.