Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Book Club II

It's never been much of a secret...Anyone who so much as had a sleepover with me since middle school knows that I can shovel away a whole pan of brownies. I have an inner fat child, I like to say. Back then, it wasn't much of an issue; I was growing after all. Now though, it's not so fun that my weight fluctuates by 15 pounds. Combine this with the fact that I usually buy clothes when I'm at the lighter end of the spectrum, and you've got a frustrating morning where most of my closet doesn't fit. So! I give you this weeks read:

It has sections where you're supposed to journal (a little difficult on the metro and using my Kindle) but I'll let you know how it goes.  Also, when I'm feeling self-conscience that someone might be reading my self-help books over my shoulder, I've been reading through:

I love reading about mountaineering.  It's the best kind of suspense story to me.  I would love to hike some of the 8,000ers someday. However, reading about blood clots forming in your legs and then travelling to your lungs and killing you is a little deterring, no?

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